If your home has an unfinished basement, it also has the potentiality for more living space. Consider this unattractive unfinished space as a blank canvas. You can finish the untapped space to be anything your family needs for years to come. For growing families, the extra living space in basements can make great playrooms and family rooms. Basement laundry rooms are also popular, as you can keep washday messes out of sight, and have space for folding. Because these remodels are such large, involved projects, always call a professional contractor. But be careful to do some research before calling to make sure you call the best in the business. Your home is your biggest investment, so you need to find a Woodbridge basements contractor you can rely on. With just a little time, you can find a company to makeover your space and give you just what your family needs.

Woodbridge Basements

Woodbridge Basements | Making Plans

When planning a basement remodel, think about your family’s needs now and in the future. What would be the best use of the space? Basement playrooms can keep all your kids’ toys and books in one convenient place. Also, they can make as much mess as they want without people tripping over stuff. If you are planning a playroom, plan colors and features that your family can grow with. One day, small kids will be teenagers, and the space can be used as a TV room or game room. If you are planning a laundry room or bathroom, make sure the plumbing is feasible before you begin.

Woodbridge Basements | Storage

Most homeowners find finished basements really useful for storing items. It becomes the ideal place to store out of season possessions, and things you might not need every day. To prevent your new living space from becoming a dumping ground of piles of boxes, consider beautiful built-ins. Built-ins create a streamlined look in any room, and can be as beautiful as they are functional. Choose built in bookcases to display your collection of books, trophies or knick-knacks. To make them even more fun, choose a contrasting color for the back panel. Or really make the most of the space with floor to ceiling built in storage units.

Woodbridge Basements | Finding a Contractor

Because remodeling a basement is such a large project and may involve plumbing as well as electricity, call a professional. Professional contractors have the necessary training, equipment and experience to safely convert your basement space into just what your family needs. Before calling a contractor, however, do a little research to ensure you are choosing a qualified company. Look at websites and take some time to read customers’ reviews. Make sure they give full estimates and stick to them. To protect yourself and your property, only hire fully insured and licensed professionals. Also, look at photos of past work to ensure quality materials and workmanship.

Finishing your home’s basement adds living space and also adds value to your home. Unfinished spaces can be cold, damp and musty. If there are any damp, musty smells currently coming from the basement, they can pervade your entire home. Finishing the space can make your whole home drier and fresher and you get the benefit of extra room. The best part is that you can turn this extra space into anything you want it to be. It can be a playroom for the kids, a guest room for your in-laws, or a place for crafting or working out. After deciding the best use for your unfinished space, call a Woodbridge basements contractor. Basement remodels are extensive projects so always call a qualified professional.

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